Tomiko Wins Miss Footnight 2019


January 21, 2019

On January 17th, 2019, Footnight hosted its annual awards show in Los Angeles, CA. This is the biggest event of the year for Footnight and had the largest turnout I've seen yet! Their new venue featured a brand new basement VIP area with extra play spaces and live entertainment in the main room. This year a Las Vegas foot model by the name of Tomiko walked away with the coveted Miss Footnight Award and I am honored to share my interview with her on Los Angeles Foot Fetish.
Congratulations on your win as the new Miss Footnight 2019!
Thank you! It is truly an honor!

What are you plans or goals as Miss Footnight for the year?
I have always attended the Las Vegas Footnight events every month, but I plan on trying to make more appearances at the Los Angeles event. This one was the first time I have attended. Like Las Vegas, I thought the guests (both attendees and models) were really nice.

What size feet do you have?
Size 8 open toe, 8 1/2 close toe. I have wide feet

I recall from the award ceremony that you reside in Las Vegas! How exciting! Are you originally from Las Vegas, Nevada?
Yes I am! I actually was born and raised in Las Vegas. I attended UNR in Reno, NV and moved around to a few different states before returning to Las Vegas to set up my roots again. My family lives there, so I wanted to be close to them. Ironically, I lived in Los Angeles for 8 years before returning to Las Vegas, and I never attended a foot event! It is hard to believe, but I was modeling and acting in fetish productions as well as mainstream projects/film sets.

Have you ever been to an LA Footnight event before? What did you think about the event compared to the Las Vegas chapter?
This was my first time! I was pretty excited about attending. I always wanted to. It is much larger than the event in Las Vegas, but the people are just as nice. I do enjoy all the spaces there are for doing sessions, and it was cool having someone there doing the music. It makes for a really fun atmosphere. The one in Las Vegas is more low key, but still just as fun for me. I look forward to attending future Los Angeles events.

Can we expect you back at another LA Footnight this year?

If you could only wear one style of footwear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I am a bit of a tomboy, so I have to admit that I love flip flops and sneakers. If I had to choose between the two, I would say flip flops. :)

Do you have any other fetishes or kinks besides feet?
I absolutely love wrestling men and I do sessions. I enjoy meeting people, so sessions are always fun for me. I also love to be tickled even though I am super ticklish and it is torture for me. I love role play scenarios and light bondage, too!

Guilty pleasures?
I absolutely LOVE chocolate chip mint ice cream and I love sprouts (grocery story) gummy bears that are in the bin.

Biggest turn-on?
I love a great pair of legs and calves on a man to go with a winning smile and personality. That will turn me into mush. :)

What is the best way to approach you for a foot session if someone sees you at a Footnight event?
I can be a little shy walking up to people, so I appreciate when a man approaches me to ask for a session. Just walk right up and smile and take my hand. :)

Favorite thing about Footnight?
I love my feet being touched, but I also love meeting people and reconnecting with people I have sessioned with before. :)

Anything else you would like to add for the readers here?
I am a very easy going person. Please don't be shy and walk up to me. Just give me a big smile and you will turn me into mush. :)

Name: Tomiko
Instagram: @tomiko1
Twitter: @tomiko_1

Photo Credits: @footnight @californiabeachfeet

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