Maroe Wins Performer of the Year


February 7, 2019

What does it mean to be a performer? A performer is technically a person who entertains an audience, but for me, performing has always given me the opportunity to connect with people I would otherwise not get a chance to meet. Part of what I think makes me a great performer is that I spend most of my time day dreaming and fantasizing about experiences I wish I could have. Footnight is an event where I have unique encounters in a fun and easy going atmosphere.

After many years of attending these events I’ve learned to individually interpret the small nuances that make most foot fetishists tick or achieve fetish-bliss. Performing at a Footnight event is a great release and escape from the stigmas of everyday vanilla paradigms. Harnessing the many personalities and looks of exotic and fetishized females is not only a skill, but a lifestyle that I relish in order to transmute my own fantasizes into reality. I want to thank Footnight for giving me a platform to perform and for awarding me the honor of “2019 Performer of the Year.”

Photo Credits: @footnight @californiabeachfeet

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